Sunday, July 29, 2007

Best Anime of the Moment

Okay, so this is a bit of a break from the Coldfusion posts I've done lately but it's one of my interests and I just wanted to put it out there I guess...

Anyways, Naruto Shippouden is doing okay, it started off a lot better (or maybe all those crappy filler episodes of the original series lowered the standard severely!) and has slowly gone downhill, but only a little bit. I quite like Sakura in this series.

Then there's Bleach which was one of my favourite series but it also seems to be flailing at the moment with some filler eps, hope that doesn't go on too long! I want more Arrancar action!

But this leads me to my favourite series at the moment by far! Claymore!

If you haven't watched this yet, what are you doing? It's only up to about 16-17 episodes at the moment but this series is excellent in every way!

It's about half human-half demon (Yoma) bounty hunters that work for a large organisation, hunting down full yomas hiding in villages and towns. They are called silver-eyed witches because of their looks obviously and in case you didn't guess are all female warriors. They are able to call on their yoma powers when needed but risk "awakening" if they go past a certain limit (not time based, more percentage of yoma abilities used). The awakened Claymores are very powerful and it usually takes the highest 5 hunters to take them out.

The story follows the number one ranked Claymore and a young girl, who was abused by a yoma beforehand, that follows her around. The focus changes after several eps but I won't say much more apart from, go get it! Best series at the moment, hands down!

Got any other good series at the moment? Add a post as I'm always on the look out. Not really into the lovey ones etc. But good action ones, definitely! Or even more obscure ones, like Mushishi.

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