Sunday, July 29, 2007

Coldfusion MX 8 beta

So after all my woes trying to get ColdFusion MX 7 installed with the standalone web server etc. on my MacBook Pro at work and the dodgy PC on XP here at home, I found another blog ( that was talking about the ColdFusion MX 8 beta trial over at Adobe Labs, and I figured, "what the hey? I'll give it a shot!".

This time I just tried on the dodgy PC again. I uninstalled the non-working ColdFusion MX 7 set up I had, restarted and tried again with the MX 8 installer. First time, everything perfect, just how it should be, the install worked and I was able to just straight into the CFAdmin page! What a relief, I finally have a development environment at home to test things out on!!!

I recommend you give it a shot as I heard in the CF Weekly podcast that there's a fair few new features. I'm going to investigate them and post as I go I guess...

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